Uppsala universitet - Baltic University Programme - Upcoming Events (SV)

  1. This year the BUP and Uppsala University have the pleasure to welcome the Rectors of our participating universities to the 6th BUP Rectors Conference. This recurrent event is aimed to gather the rectors to discuss issues of strategic importance for the universities: Sustainability, Internationalisation and Quality Assurance.
  2. The workshop “Societies, Cultures, Critical Theories” aims at strengthening collaboration and find novel ways of interaction between PhD students from participating universities of the Baltic University Programme (BUP), in the name of supporting the key role that universities play in a democratic, peaceful and sustainable development. Deadline for applications is 22 August 2022.
  3. The Symposium is a platform where the regional educational and research communities can get together and get to know their colleagues at participating universities of The Baltic University Programme (BUP). The Symposium is an arena where you can disseminate recent research and where new discussions and collaborations can begin.
  4. Institute of Environmental Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology in cooperation with BUP invites you to the 4th international conference “Sustainable Consumption and Production: How to Make it Possible”. During the conference it is intended for researchers to examine the challenges arising when transforming economy and societies according to the European Green Deal roadmap.
  5. The ITC2022 is organized by the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Lodz in cooperation with CiTUR Centre for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation, with financial support from the BUP. ITC2022 will be held on 17-19 November 2022 at University of Lodz, Poland.