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  1. Once again our students meet for five days of classes. From all over the world they travel to Berlin to meet instructors and peers.
  2. The students from both the 12 th as well as the 13 th run of the East European Studies online master program start this week with their modules on ´Economics´ and ´Project Management´. Upon successful completion of these two modules students of the 12 th run are expected to start with the writing of their master theses. They are to graduate this fall.
  3. Students of the programs International Relations Online and East European Studies gather for one week in October in Berlin to attend interesting courses and network with their peers.
  4. Our blended-learning master’s students have spent one exciting week of in-house classes at CGP’s home campus in Berlin. On their final day, February 24, we take a look back at what they’ve accomplished.
  5. Tonight, February 23, we invite all participants and instructors to fill up on both political and culinary food for thought. As the IRO and EES students head to the Farewell Dinner, we get ready to say goodbye tomorrow.
  6. Time goes by faster than you know! Today, the blended-learning master’s students have already spent three days at our home campus at Freie Universität Berlin.
  7. On their second day of in-house classes, February 21, the master’s students get ready to dig deeper into global matters before taking the time to focus on the local and discover some of Berlin’s very own highlights.
  8. Starting today, February 20, the Center for Global Politics brings together online students and teachers for the next round of in-house classes.
  9. October in-house class came to a successful end.
  10. Midpoint in the second week of in-house classes for 2016, EES students took part in a series of lecture and an organized excursion on Germany’s parliamentary history.
  11. After an inspiring and entertaining first day, EES students reconvene for another set of interesting courses and an expert talk by Georgiy Kasianov.
  12. Today, October 10, EES students meet at Henry Ford Building to start an inspiring week of in-house classes
  13. EES students gather next week in Berlin to attend interesting courses and network with their peers.
  14. The Eastern European Studies (EES) Politics module is set to begin late next month, focusing on complex political developments in the post-soviet space.
  15. Eastern European Studies (EES) students benefit greatly from international peers and perspectives over the course of their study.
  16. Eastern European Studies instructor Georgiy Kasianov discussed the diverging historical narratives in Russia and Ukraine.
  17. Eastern European Studies lecturer Stephan Heidenhain has helped create an exhibit in Vienna on anti-Nazi resistance in WWII
  18. On closer inspection, nothing in Eastern Europe is as it seems. Join Eastern European Studies to discover more!
  19. New page helps you stay notified of all of the latest cultural events related to Eastern Europe in Berlin
  20. The first week of Eastern European Studies in-house classes for 2016 has ended on a highly productive note