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Slavic Languages Division of the American Translators Association

Slavic Languages Division (American Translators Association)
  1. While the official dates of ATA61 are October 21-24, division events kick off early! Join SLD for its annual meeting on Sunday, October 18, 4:00-5:00 PM EDT. The meeting is open to all division members, even those not registered for the conference. Zoom meeting links for all the annual meetings are available on the conference […]
  2. The latest issue of SlavFile is out! At a whopping 32 pages, this summer-fall installment of the newsletter includes something for everyone: Previews of the upcoming ATA conference An interview with this year’s Greiss Lecturer / Distinguished Speaker, Ellen Elias-Bursać, co-sponsored with the Literary Division Abstracts for Slavic-related sessions Timely resources for our new pandemic […]
  3. Have you ever wondered about the field of human rights translation? There is no shortage of human-rights issues in the post-Soviet space, but breaking into this specialization may feel too daunting. Fortunately, with research, you can become confident in your translations. But where should you look? Join fellow SLD member Lucy Gunderson to learn research […]
  4. The latest episode of the SLD podcast, Slovo, is now available! In this episode, host Maria Guzenko speaks with Paula Arturo, a lawyer-linguist and Associate Professor of Law. Paula talks about the challenges of legal translation and shares tips for translators who would like to specialize in it. In the second half of the interview, […]
  5. Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upheaval and uncertainty to our profession, it has also been an opportunity to catch up on continuing education. However, I will not be reviewing any recent webinars on weathering the crisis or pivoting to remote interpreting. Today, I’d like to turn to […]
  6. By sheer coincidence, this year’s spring issue of SlavFile turned out to be focused almost entirely on literary translation. The issue starts with Isaac Wheeler’s insightful “Hierarchy of Conflicting Demands,” in which he prioritizes seven stipulations a literary translation must meet, ranging from (No. 1) “Does it produce the same effect on the reader as […]
  7. Taught by Sara Maria Hasbun Reviewed by Anna Livermore I love CPD. My inner nerd rejoices at the prospect of starting a new course or attending a professional event. Nowadays, there are infinite opportunities to learn. So much so that it can be hard to choose from a gazillion options that come in the shape […]
  8. The latest episode of the SLD podcast Slovo is now available! This time, Maria talks to ATA-certified English>Polish translator and certified medical interpreter Katarzyna “Kasia” Hoerner, who shares how she came to specialize in the medical field. Katarzyna also touches on her work as a staff translator and interpreter, the demand for Polish language services […]
  9. This is the third in a series of posts reprinting Lydia Razran Stone’s editorial columns from past years. You can find the first two posts here and here. Fall 2007 We have recently returned from a trip to St. Petersburg, Moscow and points in between on the inland waterway and I seem to be suffering […]
  10. This is the second in a series of posts reprinting Lydia Razran Stone’s editorial columns from past years. You can find the first post here and check out the SlavFile archive here.   July 1996 An inveterate Slavist named Stone Has been writing this column alone. Now ’tis time for you, reader, То have pity […]