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Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter

"The army is a copy of society and suffers from all its diseases, usually at a higher temperature" Trotsky (The Revolution betrayed, chapter 8)
  1. Что происходит с женщинами и мужчинами во время длительных боевых действий, когда в обществе нарушается демографический дисбаланс, и по обе стороны фронта миллионы женщин и мужчин детородного возраста становятся одиноки? Всё было в оккупации и на фронтах – Западном, Восточном … Continue reading
  2. T. Hasegawa, Crime and Punishment in the Russian Revolution Mob Justice and Police in Petrograd, Harvard University Press, 2017 “Russians from all walks of life poured into the streets of the imperial capital after the February Revolution of 1917, joyously … Continue reading
  3. Елена Сенявская, Александр Сенявский, Лекха Жукова, Человек и фронтовая повседневность в войнах России XX века. Очерки по военной антропологии, Институт российской истории РАН, Центр гуманитарных инициатив, Серия, Historia Russica, 2017. Книга посвящена фронтовой повседневности отечественной армии в основных внешних войнах России и СССР … Continue reading
  4. A. Goltz, Military Reform and Militarism in Russia, The Jamestown Foundation, 2019 In Military Reform and Militarism in Russia, Aleksandr Golts takes a hard look at the evolution of the Russian military from the collapse of the Soviet Union to its … Continue reading
  5. Russia’s Military Strategy and Doctrine is designed to educate Russia watchers, policymakers, military leaders, and the broader foreign policy community about the Russian Armed Forces and security apparatus across the full spectrum of geographic, doctrinal and domain areas. Each chapter addresses … Continue reading
  6. Russian Studies 01/18: “The Russian State Armament Programme, 2018 – 2027”, by Julian Cooper. NATO
  7. Masha Cerovic, Les Enfants de Staline La guerre des partisans soviétiques (1941-1944), Seuil 2018 http://www.seuil.com/ouvrage/les-enfants-de-staline-masha-cerovic/9782021121674 Au moins 500 000 combattants, autant de morts, civils dans leur écrasante majorité, plus de 5 000 villages biélorusses incendiés, dont plus de 600 entièrement … Continue reading
  8. Erica Marat, The Politics of Police Reform. Society against the State in Post-Soviet Countries, OUP, April 2018 There is a Russian saying that “police mirror society.” The gist of this is that every society is policed to the extent that … Continue reading
  9. Pipss.org – Issue 18 | 2017 – Defining and Defending Borders in Post-Soviet States – Now on-line (free access) http://journals.openedition.org/pipss/4268
  10. Mark Galeotti, The Vory. Russia’s Super Mafia, Yale University Press, 2018 https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300186826/vory
  11. Sarah FAINBERG Russian Spetsnaz, Contractors and Volunteers in the Syrian Conflict, Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 105, December 2017 This article focuses on a little-explored aspect of Russia’s intervention in Syria: the new and diverse expeditionary forces engaged on the Syrian frontlines alongside … Continue reading
  12. Pepm494_Baev_Memo_Nov2017.pdf Pavel Baev, Russia’s Entanglement in Syria: A Protracted, Extreme Stress Factor for the Russian Navy , Ponars Policy Memo 494, November 2017
  13. Fen Osler Hampson and Mikhail Trotsky (Eds), Tug of War: Negotiating Security in Eurasia, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017
  14. Etude de l’IRSEM n°53 – 2017 Anna Colin Lebedev “Les combattants et les anciens combattants du Donbass : profil social, poids militaire et influence politique” Cette étude rend compte de l’émergence, de l’évolution et du rôle social des combattants du … Continue reading
  15. Pepm495_Gorenburg_Nov2017.pdf D. Gorenburg, Russia’s Military Modernization Plans: 2018-2027, Policy Memo 495, Publication date: November 2017 http://www.ponarseurasia.org/memo/russias-military-modernization-plans-2018-2027