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Update: See the newer bookmarklet for Yiddish dictionaries, keyboard input and transliteration.

This bookmarklet transliterates Yiddish web pages from Hebrew to Latin script according to the YIVO-rules.

Yiddish Translit

Click here to try the bookmarklet: DEMO

אַ שפּראַך איז אַ דיאַלעקט מיט אַן אַרמיי און פֿלאָט (German: "Eine Sprache ist ein Dialekt mit einer Armee und Flotte"; English: "A language is a dialect with an army and navy")

Try the bookmarklets on other sites in Yiddish, as for example the journal "Lebns Fragn", the website of the League for Yiddish or the Yiddish Wikipedia.


  • Read more about what bookmarklets are.
  • The bookmarklets virtually work with any browser on almost any web site except on Facebook.
  • Hebrew script often ignores vowels, so these must be added on by the reader of the transliterated Yiddish text.
  • Script represented with images will not be transliterated. Please also note that Hebrew numerals (see Geresh/Gershayim) will not be transliterated as numbers, but as letters.
  • The transliteration may take a couple of seconds. Reload the page in order to cancel the transliteration.
  • As you might see in the demo, the bookmarklet has also influence on the display of Latin characters: Some letters disappear, some other capitalizations are being lost.

Technical Information

The bookmarklet calls this JavaScript and applies it for transliteration to the current web site. Consequently, the bookmarklet will only work with an established internet connection.